Dil İkonları
Tips for Ovens
  • 1Ovens offer two main modes of cooking;
    1. Baking: Cooking the food by distributing the air heated by means of the heating element
    2. Grill: Cooking by supplying air directly with the upper element.
    • Single compartment ovens offer fair price alternatives. In double-compartment ovens, with two independent cooking areas, you can save energy when using only one compartment. And you can cook two different dishes simultaneously in the lower and upper compartments that provide different functions.
    • Preheating the oven will help you ensure equal heating on all surfaces.
    • Preheating the oven will help you ensure equal heating on all surfaces.
    • Turbo and multifunction ovens are capable of cooking three different trays of food at one time without mixing aromas.
    • As cooking temperature and time of each food is different, place the tray on the proper shelves as indicated in the user manual and select the proper cooking time. You may need to change the shelves to ensure equal cooking of bottom and top parts with some types of food.
    • Opening the oven"s door will cause heat loss. And this will spoil the cooking environment. The oven door should not be opened during cooking. Particularly, when baking pastries (cakes etc.) that require rising, it is recommended to open the oven door only at the end of baking time to check the browning of the crust.
    • You oven may have a timer (mechanical-digital). Before use, you should adjust the time. Otherwise, the oven will not work.
  • 2In timer model ovens, you can use the functions below:
    • Full Automatic Programming: You can program your oven to a certain starting time and cooking duration. Cooking will start at the programmed hour and stop at the end of a specified cooking duration.
    • Semi Automatic Programming: You can start the oven by programming only cooking duration. Cooking will end at the end of the programmed duration.
    • Unprogrammed cooking: Without any starting time or cooking duration, you can start cooking with any settings and end it whenever you wish.