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DPS 7405 GXB2
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DPS 7405 GXB2

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DPS 7405 GXB2
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Smart Solutions

    • Child Lock

      The child lock option can be activated to prevent little fingers from playing around with the buttons and knobs.

    • Special care for Delicates

      The sensor-controlled Beko tumble dryers feature a special care program for your delicate laundry, ensuring that they’ll be dried gently at very low temperature.

    • Sports Program

      This program dries laundry at an optimized humidity level that is perfectly adjusted for sports clothing.

    • Daily Program

      Beko have developed a Daily program to dry 4 kg of laundry in just 1 hour. Used in conjunction with a Beko washing machine with a Daily program, you can wash and dry your clothes in less than 2 hours.

    • Auto Anti-Creasing

      This function provides ready-to-go laundry, since the gentle drum action separates the laundry and ensures that it remains crease-free.

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