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Smart Solutions of Beko Ovens that Ease Your Lives

Smart solutions from Beko that ease you life

Wide Surface Inner Oven Lighting

It enables you to see if your meal has been cooked, without opening the door of your oven.

Lower Storage Drawer

The large-volume drawer where you can keep your oven accessories that are not frequently used provides saving in the kitchen in space utilization regard.

Wok burner

Enables stronger heating thanks to its double-ring structure. Thus, foods that have to be cooked over higher heat will be cooked quicker as desired.

Dynamic Flow Cooking Technology

In the Dynamic Flow system, apart from the upper, lower and rear heating elements, hot air comes out of the holes on the side walls and circulates over the foods to be cooked and under the trays. It is absorbed by the holes on the rear wall. Thus, every part of the foods is cooked equally and perfectly.

Hot air which is to circulate on the dish in the oven tray is kept on that tray only. Thus, the odor of the dish being cooked in the lower tray will not mix with the odor of the dish being cooked in the upper tray. Dynamic Flow panels can be easily detached and washed. So, hole clogging problem in time will not be experienced.

The greatest advantage of Dynamic Flow is cooking / roasting every part of the food equally.

Wide Inner Capacity

No matter how crowded your family is or your guests are, Beko ovens enable to cook more amounts with their much more wider inner capacity. They have one of the widest inner volumes despite standard outer surface dimensions.

Family-Size Tray

Thanks to their wider inner capacity, Beko ovens can cook 25% more food at a time with their wider tray space. Furthermore, the 55mm-deep tray will provide you great comfort when cooking your juicy dishes or meats.

Cooker Gas Safety System

If the flame goes off because of wind or liquid overflowing from the saucepan, the gas safety system is activated and cuts the gas flow automatically for your safety.

Easy Cleaning

Thanks to the completely glass decorative inner door, cleaning is now very easy. To make a thorough cleaning, certain models allow removing the completely glass inner door.

Electroturbo feature

Ovens which have this feature where the turbo fan is also activated along with the lower and upper heaters provide much quicker, equal cooking of both sides of the food. Fan heaters can be run together or separately to perform cooking in 7 different combinations. Thus, much more delicious cooking might be obtained with diverse types of dishes.

Turbo feature

This feature allows cooking three trays of dishes at a time equally without mixing their odors. Thus, both energy and time is saved. Air, which is heated by the turbo resistance, is circulated among the trays with the aid of the turbo fan to cook each dish with care. Oil particles that cause odor during cooking blend in the circulated air in the oven and stick on the heater at the back side and burn. Thus, smells of different food will not mix each other.

Static feature

Lower and upper heaters start working simultaneously to enable equal cooking of both sides.

Double compartment feature

In double compartment oven, the upper compartment has static feature while larger lower compartment is turbo. If needed, you can save time by cooking in both lower and upper compartments or you can cook in only one.

Multifunction feature

Combines the turbo, electroturbo and static cooking features. Three different oven features in the same oven allow cooking much more delicious dishes according to the meal type. Thanks to the super turbo function in the multifunction products, the lower and upper heaters are activated concurrently with the turbo heater on the rear wall of the cooking compartment. Thus, the oven offers much better cooking performance than conventional turbo cooking process.

Door closed grill feature

Grilling when the front door is closed avoids smells and oil splattering. Also, grilled meats will be softer and juicier.

Defrost feature

Ideal to thaw frozen food and get them ready for cooking.

Quick heating (Booster) feature

All heaters are activated concurrently with this function and the desired cooking temperature is reached in a shorter time. Thus, 35% is saved from the time required for preheating.

3 Dimensional Cooking (3D)

3D cooking allows concurrent activation of all heaters in the oven. Thus, dishes are cooked quite quickly and efficiently. Equal heat distribution is provided by concurrent activation of all heaters and the air ducts behind each tray hold odor particles to prevent mixing of odors of the dishes. 3D cooking provides both energy and time saving and at the same time it allows cooking different dishes in three trays at a time without mixing their odors with each other.

Static cooking

Lower and upper heaters allow traditional cooking opportunity for pastry such as cake and cookies.


It is ideal for grilling in short time. Thanks to this feature, you might prepare crispy dishes just frying the upper crust.


Heaters will not operate during thawing. Only fan operates to circulate the air in oven. Thus, frozen products are thawed at room temperature. Cooked meals can also be thawed by using the same method.

Upper Heater + Fan

Upper heater and fan run simultaneously. This allows equal heat distribution in the oven and also top of the dish is roasted.

Fan Cooking (Turbo)

Heat is spread in the oven equally. Thus, three different dishes with the same cooking level can be obtained at a time.

Fan Assisted Cooking (Static+Fan)

The heat generated by upper and lower heaters is equally distributed in the oven by means of the fan. This ensures cooking food equally in a shorter time.

Lower Heater + Fan

Lower heater and fan run simultaneously. This allows equal heat distribution in the oven and also bottom of the dish is roasted.